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Big Twenty

by Other Half

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Karaoke 02:31
Karaoke seemed like a viable diffuser, But in the end it just enraged him further Now Steph screams through smashed up teeth Every word he still remembers The stuff sees us through the worst of it, At our worst we’re still prodigious There’s love cut into every line You can see it in the gormless expressions I really think this is the best of us All at our most impressive So let it soak down deep And inform every decision It hits hardest in the queue for the club, And I’m aggressively chatting to no one Steph seems pleased with his brand new look Admiring the damage in some girl’s phone Before giving it back he plants a bloody kiss on said girl’s cheek I guess as way of a thank you I find the whole thing pretty unsavoury But no one seems to mind The death rattle compliments The four to the floor And four more wouldn’t hurt, Until it does, the death rattle compliments.
He’s burnt black from the beds and back again This time with a renewed sense of cruelty I’ve got a feeling that tonight will go horribly But maybe that’s just all we need Stacked bodies to pad out a story He’s made a name for himself, What with the business outside of the car hire They came back with more than just dings and scratches So I think he’ll add a little prestige To the evening's proceedings Give me a fraction, boy... Let’s try for something massive Yeah, something truly biblical A red hot mess to announce what’s next And david’s still yearning, for something more wholesome More in line with his own brand of ecstasy But why stop when it’s going so excellently? For once display some common sense, Don’t get bogged down in the mulch of morality Gotta think about this whole thing globally Sameness without end We never did comprehend just how long that would truly feel
White Worm 03:23
David’s still in it, Working from beyond the grave man I’m just filling his shoes until such a time I can get back on my feet I can feel it coming I can feel it in my bones David’s away on business, but I can still sort you something Just a smidgen more, but still ticks all of the boxes First it feels like a dud, then it digs in its nails I think you can tell by the sales, man, We’re making numbers like you wouldn’t believe We’re on the upswing And there’s some rumours, That I wanna expel David’s dead and gone I don’t want you sketching out so close to the end First it feels like a dud, Then it digs in its claws Like i said before man we’re making money like you wouldn’t believe I think we’re on the upswing Why’re you waving? What’s so wrong? Where’s David? Where are the drugs gone?
Slow Cinema 01:48
Slow cinema Careerist chops make for critical flops, and it’s over Slow cinema So much substance, but where’s the style, man? I want some flair on the frontline You had three or four fingers in your mouth, Clawing around at the cracks Making the most of the weekend In that moment you looked just like a baby Wide eyed and terrified I couldn’t help but laugh Slow cinema I can’t tell if it’s the coke you want or the heart attack Either way you still cover that Slow cinema It’s not who you know, it’s what you owe
Trance State 03:10
I cried all night but I don’t remember why, And now I’m glowing, growing between the cracks in your body Steph’s not much for company but he’s still got some cash I think we should make the most of that It’s not the intention, It’s the way that you say it, It’s not the intention, It’s the way you move Hoffman huffing, Wayneing hard on whatever, Doesn’t seem so clever When it bites you back Feelings were frayed in the Loft, So I got surreal in the toilets Some bag I found on the floor, man Bright white, squeaky clean, A Christmas miracle, now everyone wants to be my friend again I’m more than happy... Hoffman huffing, Wayneing hard on whatever Doesn’t seem so clever When it bites you back Tissues and sinews, Mop it up man, Got to unlearn what you’ve done Trance state
Big Wheel 02:28
The city’s awash with apathy, I just want to see someone do something happily Because they want to not because they’ve got to And I’m not angry at the powers that be, I’m angry at the kids and their inability To make a little noise, make some uninformed decisions I’ve got the character that they all need, so let them feel inspired I got bored ‘cause I didn’t have a crowd, but just give it time, And when did I stop believing I could be a sexual being? When did I stop believing? I’m still part of that communal stupor, Making time for me and my computer But you’ve got to stay relevant, Yeah, it’s all you really can do I can tell from the knowing looks The way they still all message me asking for drugs I’m an influential figure, It just hasn’t sunk in yet I’ve got the character that they all need, so let them feel inspired I got bored ‘cause I didn’t have a crowd, but just give it time, and when did I stop believing I could be a sexual being? When did I stop believing? The kids are so safe it’s hurts Nightlife is over, so sell what you can and take the rest We can hold out here, ‘till someone engineers a new reason To go out and make a nuisance of ourselves
Brain Food 03:12
James bites a bit off and proceeds to fall in love, 100 times over It hits hard like heads on a dashboard and now I’m alone I can hear the rain through my skull But I can’t seem to feel it; it feels pretty good Now I’m clawing through crowded rooms, Humming so hard it hurts That’s brainfood The girl with the glasses asked if I could get a bit I couldn’t but that didn’t stop me saying I could She made the question sound so monumentous So to keep the momentum I called a friend who died last year Disconnected but no less convincing, That hung around for days That’s brainfood I wouldn’t call it a comedown (I’ve never done drugs but I think about it) More like jet lag (I’ve never been far but I’ve thought about it) I lost a few hours, but mainly I’m just happy to be here It plays to memories of better times Regular suppliers and regular buyers Because now you’ve got to grind to get a bit And the lethargy runs deep There’s no way I’m leaving to come back in, again.
Tiny Head 02:55
And Stephan, your head’s just a petri dish I can see everything squirming inside, it’s got nowhere to hide It all seems pretty unpleasant I think you might be just what we need, so come with me I’ve seen the way you prowl around, Looking for something that doesn’t exist So hear me out, I think we can provide a little structure To an otherwise lowly life, how about it? Tiny head Did you really have to go so far Steph? I admire the moxie, but someone has to clear that up So lay low, for at least a little while You’re not exactly a hard man to spot, on account of... Tiny head Heaven is an easy exit, Hell is an empty house
Piggish Man 01:53
Yeah i’m a piggish man, but I don’t think you understand Precisely all the things I do for you Or at what cost it comes to my social stability Have some humility man Where’s the gratitude? A pat on the back A cracked head. Come on, whatever Look at the mess I made for you Pulp stuck between knuckles and I'm starting to think... The gore counts for nothing When it’s funding bad business And that's precisely what ruined this Bad business comes back around Don't act so coy when it’s holds you down So I ascend the drudgery every other night Or more if money allows it Another trudge through primordial slop Just to fumble my keys into the door I think it’s happening again
There’s scope for building the brand The whole community knows it’s a front for something sinister, But that doesn’t seem to matter, When every bar’s the same it’s hard to complain About a little culture, in whatever form it chooses to take I think I took too much.. There’s scope for building the brand
Heads go soft when they’re kicked in Steph find comfort in the sound and the feeling And the things he hides in his mouth Just to spit back out again, for 10 or less Or just another sordid segue into someone’s house It doesn’t seem all that friendly, but what does? Big Twenty’s closed for good Which didn’t seem so bad on the face of it But now every weekend blurs into one big mass I don’t seem to able to break from it Jess wakes up to a key before work Which makes me feel a little bit queasy But who am I to judge? When I was the one who made the purchase in the first place I haven’t got a leg to stand on Nor do I deserve one The bile that builds up Is never enough to see you sick the way you sick
Cosmic Slop 02:45
Steph sits with his hands in his pants and recounts Every time the good outweighs the harm I don’t bite because A) he’s my dealer, and B) I know that he’s right ‘Cause society doesn’t care for the common man So what’s left for him to do? Stiff lip, big sniff Yeah, monetise the misery ‘Cause empathy’s the enemy Of a sustainable success Something’s up in the cosmic slop I think it’s time we made that clear The nights get bigger every time we attempt one So does the space they leave behind Born snapped, and perfectly fine with that James settles in for more of the same It’s ridiculous shit like this That gave us a bad name in the first place We used to be an infallible institution Now it’s just an off brand imitation
I wake up to pangs of shame It’s red hot, but I can’t put my finger on why exactly but It’s a weekly occurrence since we all got back together There’s only so much my phone can tell me So I make the executive decision to stub it out with more of the same I’ve said yes to at least three different social events tonight, Ranging from pretty pleasant to downright horrible The latter doesn’t seem so attractive in the light So I sit tight for most of the day, soaking up everything my living room has to offer me. By the time 6 o’clock comes around I’m pretty fired up and make a bee line to Steph’s. En route It occurs to me exactly what happened to get me so riled up this morning So I sprint the rest of the way to keep it at bay. It sticks at the sides but I’m mostly together by the time I get there. Someone new answers the door and I nod solemnly They change too quickly to bother with pleasantries so I slip through without saying a thing. I haven’t said a word all day in fact, and the concept suddenly fills me with dread So I clear my throat and rasp a hello to no one. Steph’s tiny head pokes round a door, and he looks elated. His tan cracks around the creases and it’s pretty clear he’s already started on supplies. No surprises and I gladly pick up where I left off. Later on, somewhere between the car and the cashpoint James turns to me and recites his weekly mantra: “At what point do I stop?” “I’m nearly 30 and I’ve been flirting with the same clubs and bedroom floors Week in, week out since I was old enough to know what was bad for me But what if that’s as good as it gets? A sweaty exchange with a stranger in a darkened room. An awkward kiss between sniffs in a toilet cubicle It sounds sad on paper but right now it feels pretty viceral, don’t you think?” I suggest it just be the chemicals and not something worth hanging onto. I steer the conversation somewhere safe and we’re back on track. The night has no right to be as good as it is But before I know it, it’s 4 and some scumbag is huffing nos from a binbag I take that as my cue to leave.
There’s a certain brand of sadness Reserved for everyone old enough to know And it’s hard to maintain, A living-for-the-weekend lifestyle, When you only work 2 days a week. It’s pretty bleak The fights either side of the clubnight, They’re excellent But they’re little more than scraps now the Movement’s gone Come on, where’s the community? I want gangs and factions and mobilised forces Not kids on high horses, I want Big Twenty to mean something again What’s wrong with a little nostalgia? The reward with the risk, the daily frisks Yeah the contact felt incredible Where’s the business acumen? The guts to give the people what they actually need? It’s pretty bleak His head burst just like a balloon, Congealed to black, Spread either-side of his eyeballs And melted into the tarmac I smiled so fucking hard man The first time in forever Now those things you said man, They don’t seem so clever.


Big Twenty​ is 14 songs of caustic post-hardcore, exploring the unpleasant places people go and the nastiness they are capable of in search of identity, community and belonging.

The recurring characters that inhabit ​Big Twenty​ navigate changing social scenes and trends as they near the end of their twenties, teasing themselves with the past and spiralling in an unhealthy cycle of going out and coming down.

The album’s narrative is semi-fictitious, reimagining first-hand experiences watching friends lose themselves to nostalgia, drugs and depression, whilst simultaneously celebrating the warmth of belonging, wherever it is found.


released August 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Other Half Norwich, UK

Nasty music for nice people.

Venn Records xo

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